02852: Overseas Uncle Duties

Today I worked from home while in Singapore. I really just wanted to find a way to put that sentence together.

As his parents had a whole-day workshop to attend, it seemed to be the most prudent course of action to stay in with my parents to help out with caring for Mason today. But I still had work to settle and so I remained fairly production despite occasional AFK moments while I was heating up milk bottles, assisting with nap schedules or even just holding him down while we changed his diaper. You have to understand, he's a surprisingly strong baby and quite active during all of his waking hours.

This is a rarity of course since we're not normally in the same country. Usually, the sort of help that I can manage is literally to watch him on a video call while his parents step away for a moment or helping my sister work out this child's complex schedule of timing the different naps with feeding. Being able to actually hold him and try to burp him or run through the list of different ways of entertaining him during his awake hours is really the full-time tito treatment. I

I'm quite tired after the run of the day but it's the good kind of tired. This trip is already more than halfway done so we have to make the most of the time that's left to us while we're all in town.