0284E: Fraud Timing

Tobie and I were already in bed when I was surprised to receive a text message from BPI. In particular, it was from BPI's Fraud Department alerting me to an unusual charge. Now I know I'm guilty of a fair number of online purchases with retailers around the world including the much-beloved Portal Games that ships out of Poland. So it took my ready-for-sleep brain a moment to fully process this message and quickly review whether or not the $300+ charge could possibly be legit.

But I am not a fan of the Dallas Mavericks. Go figure.

So I confirmed the charge was not mine with BPI and went through standard fraud procedures. This means my card has already been blocked, a dispute for the charge has been filed, and a replacement will make its merry way soon enough. But for the immediate future, it means that I won't have a credit card for this weekend's Singapore trip, which is a major pain. I prefer to travel with minimal cash and rely more on my card for overseas transactions. This development is quite the wrench in my plans but it is the way it is.

My only consolation is that the current BPI EMV ATM cards are also debit cards, so that will work for the interim. I've left a fair amount of cash in the associated revolving funds account so that I can fall back on it for incidental purchases that exceed my cash on hand.

I have no idea how my card got compromised given how careful I am, but I figure it's not worth stressing over. Or at least that's what I keep telling myself for now in order to not bring that stress with me to Singapore tomorrow.

And all this happened during a massive outage of BPI's network services and on the day that even Globe had unusual problems with its network. What's going on, world?