02848: More High Seas Adventures

It's rather surprising what a bad rap Seafall got around the time of its release. Sure, it's not the greatest legacy game out there and the rules have a lot of murky areas that bog down gameplay. But on the whole, it's still an interesting gaming experience and the overall narrative certainly has its interesting highlights.

We're maybe about halfway through the campaign - it's hard to say without knowing the precise end to things. But we're at least halfway through the score sheet at the back of the manual and we just hit a plot development that feels quite interesting, to say the least. And the game has had a few moments like this that have involved major narrative revelations and significant changes to the rules. And that's really what drives legacy games and makes them so much fun.

The other big factor in enjoying such games is obviously the people you choose to share the experience with and we're in good company for this campaign. As much as it's still fun to play through a campaign with just me and Tobie like what we did with Charterstone, having a somewhat larger mix of players still adds a different level of challenge.

Plus it always helps to have other barriers between me and Tobie going all-out against one another. We have a relationship to maintain, after all, hahaha

Just kidding.