02843: Weight Wobble

After my work trip to Singapore last month, my weight had crept back up to about 92kg. It only took a few days to get back to 90kg, which was a bit of a relief. But then I was back at my 90kg plateau, which felt frustrating, to say the least. And this was despite being fairly consistent with still eating keto the whole time, but I guess the difference in my overall activity levels made a big difference.

As of this weekend, I'm back under 90kg, which is great. It's still going to take a lot of work to keep losing weight but I'm still quite committed to all this.

I also find that I'm eating more vegetables these days than I ever have before in my life. I'm not going full vegetarian or anything, but I have significantly increased my vegetable intake and somewhat reduced my meat consumption. And I think it's helping me stay on track in all this even if it means that my daily food consumption can look pretty boring due to repetition.

My basic meal at work is some sort of a stir fry. We have the option to cook at the office and the quickest meal I can come up with is a stir fry. It's always some leafy vegetable with an easy protein source like eggs, canned tuna or even a sausage all mixed together for yumminess. I do it most days of the week with no regrets. I do tend to consume the entire batch of food that I prepare for lunch, but it's really my brunch and I snack a lot less these days this the net effect seems to be positive.

70kg as a goal seems so far away but I'm just keeping at it. As long as I remain consistent and I continue to find ways to step up my physical activity too, then I'll get there eventually.