02842: Sunday Debrief

We're home relatively early tonight, at least given a Sunday. Our only agenda item for today was watching the Atlantis staging of Angels in America (Part I) earlier this afternoon, but beyond that our calendar is clear. And it's just as well as we could certainly use some quiet time for ourselves here at the Sietch.

Yesterday was pretty busy but a lot of fun. We picked up some great new games at Greenhills and we're pretty eager to try them out. First up is the Legendary Encounters game tackling The X-Files, which looks pretty cool. As much as the different Legendary games all use the same base game engine, each new spin included tweaked mechanics to somehow align better with the selected franchise. For example, the Buffy game added an interesting light versus dark concept that was very in theme with the original show.

We hope to play at least one round of the game tonight in order to satisfy our eager curiosity. Then there's the Amazons expansion for Imperial Settlers that's also on my priority play list. And then there's the quirky Venom expansion for Legendary (Marvel) they is pretty unusual but hey that's how these games go.

It would be nice to have nearby friends who could drop by quickly for any such last-minute gaming urges but BGC remains pretty isolated from most of our geeky friends, it seems. So I guess Tobie and I will just make the most of things on the own. Plus that'll mean possibly time for more games given fewer players.