02840: Veggies as Rice

It can probably be said that the Asian eating experience is often tied to rice or maybe just carbs in general. A lot of Asian cuisine involves dishes with strong flavors with a serving of rice on the side that often acts as both palate cleanser and a nice source of that rewarding full feeling you get after a meal. After 6 months of keto I don't necessarily miss rice in itself but I will always look for that something that rice gives to compliment a meal.

So I've largely turned to vegetables as my primary source of fulfillment. When I don't want to think, lunch is bound to include some green leafy vegetable stir-fried to act as my rice replacement. And I've really come to enjoy this regular healthy helping of veggies on the side as it nicely rounds out any meal and I don't feel too guilty about it.

More veggies has to be a good thing, right? I'm not quite going full vegetarian or anything as I do enjoy meat and other happy protein sources too much. But I am making an effort to balance the scales more and take other richer items in moderation. Sort of.