0283E: Just A Spark

So this week, a lot of my free thinking time keeps shifting to my lack of creative writing as of late. And so I keep beating myself up about not writing and I'm trying to force myself to start something, anything, in this general area.

To help get this ball rolling, I actually ran a Twitter poll on different story genres (albeit without mentioning it was for my writing) and I'm now stuck with trying to write some sort of a fantasy story. Given my Twitter circles, I'm really not surprised that we ended up with fantasy.

I've no immediate story ideas. I don't even have any decent characters in mind. But for one reason or another, I do have this one image of someone trying to start a fire. I have no real story beyond that glimmer of a moment. Why is this person trying to start a fire? Why can't they seem to do it despite its necessity? Are there better ways or at least easier ways for this person to start a fire? If so, why aren't they taking advantage?

Does this world have magic? Whether or not there's magic, does this person have access to said magic? Could they have used magic to start this fire? There has to be more to this story than the fire.

I'll figure it out eventually.