0283C: Geeky Guide Standstill

The first quarter of the year is drawing to a close and my other blog, The Geeky Guide to Nearly Everything, has lain largely dormant. I had one new post in January but in effect, it's really been on hiatus since November. I still haven't really figured out what I want to do with the site moving forward. I'm still thinking that it would be such a waste to junk the site entirely - in fact, I continue to receive various advertising and guest writing offers from different media agencies. So far now it continues to exist in limbo.

I do plan on writing a few reviews this week - mainly for the recent plays and other cultural experiences that Tobie and I had the opportunity to experience and enjoy. Supporting such productions, especially while people have a chance to see them, always seems important. If you enjoy something, then you should try to find ways to support these artists. And the internet's ability to host and even amplify messages is definitely something I enjoy taking part in. And thus I continue to write, even in this rather limited capacity.

There's still the question of my creative writing as well. I really need to schedule the time to work on that on a more regular basis. It may mean a lot of blocked out hours where I may end up not actually writing anything, but I do recognize that I need to start the habit. Still battling with the negative voices in my head that still feel this is a futile exercise.