0283B: A Rock Opera Ballet Journey

Tonight Tobie and I watched our first ballet together, this being Ballet Philippines' Tales of the Manuvu. Heck, it was my first live ballet period outside of home video copies of different performances of Swan Lake or The Nutcracker. And I think we made a really good choice going for this particular production which was certainly more approachable given the rock element thrown into the mix of things. Tobie and I really enjoyed ourselves and there were so many amazing moments that we kept talking about because really the whole company was very talented.

It's actually been quite the busy day. While we did end our Pendragon RPG session a little earlier than I had anticipated, we still slept a little late. We still had a lot of free time between then and the ballet in the evening so we ended up making an impromptu trip over to Greenhills as I still had a particular Transformer figure that I needed to find and it had been a while since we were last there. My search was actually a little futile since the only store that had it was only willing to sell it as part of a set, which didn't make sense to me. We extended our search to SM Megamall and the Podium just to be sure and still no dice.

Ironically a friend went to Greenhills as well and he somehow found the figure for me. Even if it was the set of 2, he said he was willing to get the other one so that worked out. On a similar note, Tobie managed to find us the Katya Funko figure at Filbar's Podium no less despite the many, many, many Funko stores we visited at Greenhills. Life's funny that way.

Another great weekend.