0283A: Saturday Shuffle

Today has proven to be an interesting mix of much-needed rest balanced with frenetic activity. After a round of Villainous with Tobie's officemates we pretty much just went home and stayed in. We woke up a little later than normal (but still earlier than desired) and watched Netflix shows until it was time to head over to Makati.

Today we were scheduled to watch the Repertory Philippines staging of the play Father's Day. It was a pretty funny production with some clever writing and excellent casting. I just wish that more people would patronize Repertory productions. I know I've said this more than once on this blog, but seriously, their plays are a lot more affordable than most and are staged at a pretty convenient theater location.  They put on some pretty excellent shows and they keep the art of actual plays alive in a time when most are enamored by musicals alone.

Tobie once again reinforced why he's such an awesome partner because he then accompanied me in my search for a particular Transformer figure. This meant a steady brisk walk starting from Toys R Us in Greenbelt 5, through the department store of Landmark, with a side-trip to the Toys R Us at Glorietta and finally, the Toy Kingdom branch inside SM Makati only to come up empty. Then we had to walk all the way back to the Greenbelt area since we had parked at the Paseo Steel parking structure.

By then we had to rush home as we were scheduled to host a Pendragon RPG session at the Sietch. Thankfully we arrived before the scheduled time (or at least before the other players arrived) and we're still in the middle of our adventure as knights in the years leading up to the reign of King Arthur. My character is turning 40, which is pretty old in medieval terms. And I'm not sure how things are going to go as I'm dealing with stat penalties with each passing in-game year.

Good times.