02838: Too Busy Gaming To Game More

There's always the paradox of wanting to be open to gaming with more people but also having limited free time to game. Most weekends are fully booked the month before and so we only have some wiggle room on certain Fridays or Sundays. And yet we still try to network and reach out to other gamers.

These gamers come in many forms based on experience or interest. You have the curious casual gamers who may have played a board game or two and are interested in trying more games. And you have the various experienced gamers who could just be looking for more gaming in in their lives or are searching for rather particular gaming experiences. We cater to all sorts.

We could be content to just game with the same people every time  - and that's not a bad thing at all. But I guess our particular love for gaming extends to wanting to share our enjoyment with more people and hopefully encourage others to share our passion as well. And that means going a little beyond our typical social circles and opening our doors to strangers even provided we're all connected by a love for gaming or an honest interest in the hobby.

Maybe it's also about other friends that we don't get to game with often and we hope to game with more, but of course common free time is pretty limited and it's hard to align schedules accordingly. And so we keep throwing out schedules hoping something sticks but time and time again it just doesn't work out.

Whatever it ultimately is, gaming continues to be a big part of our lives. It tends to boil down to a question of when we're next going to game and who else might join us at the table. We have a lot of fun on our own of course, but it's nice to find good company as well.