02831: One More Night

We'll, I'm flying home to Manila tomorrow night. It's a naturally bittersweet time as it's nice to go home but it's sad to leave my family here in Singapore. But such is our life.

I had odd laments last night when I realized that I had not taken any photos of Mason before we set him down for bed on Thursday. So this morning I was back to documenting our time together while possible in order to make the most of the rest of this trip.

My flight is in the evening, so we'll at least have the morning together. That's really not all that much in baby time since he has his nap schedule to worry about but we're sure to still have some golden moments together.

Then it's back into the rigors of travel to return to a metropolis with a water crisis, looming power interruptions and a crazy government getting into the full election season madness. Not exactly a great thing to return to, but for now it's still home.