02830: Winding Down

We spent most of today out of the office because of a lengthy meeting outside of the immediate downtown area and I'm feel pretty drained. Then I also realized that I didn't manage to take any photos with Mason today as I was rushing reports in the morning and then by the time we got home it was time to tuck Mason into bed. Kinda sad as this is the first day during this trip that we didn't get some lengthy #TitoTime.

It was a nicely productive day though and that's a thing. Plus the main client for today is a cool one with some great fringe benefits, in a manner of speaking. Photos!

This trip is really coming to an end given I got the email reminding me to check in for my return flight to Manila. And that really locks in that feeling that before you realize it it'll be time to go home. I miss Tobie and the Sietch and our life back in BGC despite how crazy the news has been as of late but I'm also going to miss my family here and the ever-adorable Mason and the dogs. But life goes on and I have plenty of things waiting for me to deal with them back home.

Mason is on the brink of crawling and maybe even vebalizing his first words  at least that's what things feel like. I'd love to be around for moments like that but even knowing that I'll be back next month for Holy Week doesn't feel like a sufficient guarantee that I'll be back in time. Alas, such is our situation. But we make the most of what we have.