0282C: #TitoTime

More than anything else in this trip, I most appreciate the fact that Mason and I are getting along. As much as I had already gotten to meet him a few times before, his rate of development means that he's still in the process of figuring out the world and mapping out the people in his life and what they mean to him. And it's not quite easy to do that when your primary point of interaction involves video calls.

But despite such trepidations, Mason had not freaked out that the face on the screen can now reach out and touch him. And I've ended up carrying him more than any other baby save perhaps for my younger brother back in the day.

Thus he has drooled all over me and used various digits and even my arm as impromptu pacifiers when needed. I've found ways to make him laugh and I've stumbled across things that upset him as well. We watch Disney videos on YouTube together and we take selfies together since he likes to see himself on camera. I've even managed to put him to sleep a few times for his various naps, which is quite the achievement of I do say do say so myself.

He's quite the darling and taking care of him isn't too difficult.at least. This is not to say it isn't tiring  You'd be surprised at how creative you can be when you need to come up new ways to entertain a baby who is no longer impressed with your old tricks. Desperation can significantly fuel inspiration during such moments.

But it's all good. Mason and I have a lot of quality time to look forward to until I fly back home on Friday night. And I'm doing to make sure he has find memories of me - assuming his brain can already process all that.