0282A: Domestic Gravity

Tonight I finally made the trek down to Orchard Road to meet up with a Twitter friend and visit Games@PI, as is the usual routine whenever I'm in town. It was a good time to visit as I ended up buying a good number of titles such that they automatically renewed our membership for another year.

I've been repeatedly asked what I want to do this weekend and admittedly I keep drawing a blank. There doesn't seem be anything super touristy that I want to do this time around nor does there appear to be a play that we want to see. There are no overly compelling exhibitions at the museums and galleries that I want to check out. The list goes on.

This is not to say that there's nothing happening in Singapore this month - it's more there's nothing that really feels worth going out for when it's so much more convenient to stay home and relax. I always have a library to read thanks to my Kindle and there's also a new PS4 to explore, albeit with limited games for now.

We'll see how things do. The only major item left on my list is visiting Books Kinokuniya but beyond that I dunno. Maybe meet up with the limited friends I have in town but there's not much else that comes to mind.

What a conundrum.