02829: Singapore Hermiting

Three days into this first Singapore trip of the year and I haven't really left the immediate area. It's only natural given both home and work are a really short walk away (even shorter than my walk to and from the office in BGC) with a mall generally in-between providing access to other amenities including some pretty good movie theaters.

Today's the first day I visited the mall and we managed to watch the new Captain Marvel movie, which was a fair amount of fun. It was certainly one of the lighter Marvel movies in recent years but not all the way Ant-Man light, if you get my drift. But it's a solid little adventure with quite the promise for the future.

I'm telling myself to make the trek down to Orchard tomorrow at least to make the usual pilgrimage to Games@PI to check out possible new additions to our board game collection. Admittedly I didn't really find anything during the last few visits, mainly because we've become a lot more discerning in terms of what we decide to buy and at what price point.

But beyond that I don't know how much effort I'll put into leaving the home-work area this weekend. I guess I'm too much of a home body, especially without Tobie with me.

In other news, my nephew Mason is quite the selfie expert. The boy's got game haha