02827: Singapore Energy Boost

It's kind of weird how I've managed to stay awake until now despite operating on less than two hours of sleep. My first days in Singapore for any of my work trips tend to play out in a similar manner but today marks the longest awake time with the least amount of sleep as best I can determine. It's a odd little non-achievement of sorts.

While I do have a good history with leveraging coffee for maximum effect, especially when work or other circumstances for it, today was a little different. I think my biggest source of energy today was all the time I got to spend with baby nephew Mason.

From the get-go he sort of defined this trip as I got to see him right after I arriced home from the airport. From there we had with with us throughout the work day and so many tasks were balanced with essential Mason time.

I was a little worried that he would not have a clear idea of who I was given his primary interactions with me have all been via video calls. But those fears were unfounded and he quickly flashed a smile when he realized who I was. And thus today was filled with different firsts like him actually falling asleep in my arms albeit leaving me stuck uncertain what to do with a sleeping infant on my chest.

Such moments are precious and we're all the better for them. Mason is certainly the darling of the family (until the next child I expect?) and it's nice to know part or the support circle that continues to shower him with love. This takes on a variety of forms including being willing to carry him or otherwise preoccupy him in order to provide him support and stimulation.

So I'm finally headed to bed soon and I'm definitely looking forward to what new experiences Mason and I might share tomorrow.