02826: There Will Always Be Another Great O Bar Night

We already had an awesome time at O Bar last week, so it admittedly it feels somewhat redundant to say that last night was awesome as well. But really, it was and it was a night of great performances, unexpected friends showing up and all the crazy stuff in-between. Earlier in the week we had no plans of heading out and even said no to invites on Friday But things came together and going on Saturday felt like a good idea given it was a bit of a special night in terms of the performances.

Last night's show was like a greatest hits number that had so many memorable performances that I managed to capture on video. Sure my camera arm still hurts now and my phone is struggling to upload all the media from last night and it'll take even more time before I can get around to processing everything and sharing them with the right people. There was just so much to celebrate and I wanted to capture as much of it as possible.

The joy from the past two weekends certainly has my heart feeling quite full and I'll be taking all those good memories with me in this trip to Singapore for sure.