0281F: O Bar Friend Appreciation

Last night was crazy fun. On the surface it may seem like it was just like any other O Bar night for us, and maybe that statement could be taken as true. The basic elements are all fundamentally the same sure - Tobie and I were there with no expectations of which friends would be there but we still had fun with everyone who was there. We watched great drag performances by the O Divas and had a few drinks with some great O Bar bar chow. Every O Bar night is like that, at a basic level.

But it's the different mix of friends that makes each night unique. The conversations you end up having between the drag show sets. The surprise revelations about one another. Our O Bar circle of friends are mainly people we don't see anywhere else except O Bar and so our interactions can be rather limited. But over the years we've all become very good friends and yet there's still so much to discover about one another - a statement that is true of any friendship, really. And those moments of sharing are always special.

But last night was definitely an especially great night and I'm glad that we went out. I'm glad for the time we spent with our friends. And yes, the show was totally, totally awesome as well.

And the weekend isn't quite over yet.