0281D: Legacy Conundrum

As much as legacy games have become an amazing new venue for creative storytelling through gaming, a fundamental question continues to hamper the fun of the experience:

Who are you going to game with?
Sure this is the question we ask for any game session, but it really weighs heavily on legacy games. It goes beyond just who you want to have join you at a game table but who can commit to an extended gaming campaign that will take weeks or months to finish (depending on how frequently you meet to game).

A funny example of this dilemma is our unopened copy of the investigative game Detective by Portal Games. We are eager to see what the game is like but we also want to have the right combination of players join us for the experience as well. These games can only be played once and you want to maximize the potential enjoyment of the game with friends who can appreciate how special this experience can be.

Perhaps this is what truly distinguishes the truly serious tabletop gamer - the commitment to dedicate a good 4-8 hours on a regular basis in the name of gaming. Or maybe it just shows who are the sort of friends who really invest time and effort into celebrating your shared interests, and ultimately your friendship.