0281B: Keto Fringe Benefits

Apart from the weight loss, I'm starting to note other potential benefits from my shift to the ketogenic diet. I had read about or heard about some of these benefits but like this entire ketogenic experience I figured I'd take "believe it when I see it" approach to things.

First, my asthma is doing a heck of a lot better. Usually attacks are more prevalent during the colder months and I lean on Symbicort and other meds to get me through the new year. This time around I haven't had any major attacks since December and I've barely had to use my inhaler for immediate relief. I still keep one or two handy at all times in case something happens, but for the most part I've been pretty okay.

Second, a friend mentioned recently that my social media pots seem a lot more positive this year versus last. This is a very qualitative observation but I guess I do generally feel better about things. Whether that's a keto thing, a weight loss thing or just a shift in my perspective over time, but yeah maybe this is true. 2018 ended a little rough but 2019 is certainly starting great. And that's not a feeling that's easy to shake off so I guess it bleeds through to other aspects of my life.

Third, my sleeping habits have somewhat improved. Before keto I was at best getting about 4-5 hours of sleep on average. These days I'm averaging at a good 6 hours outside of game nights and I actually wake up on time for work without excessive prompting. It used to be such a struggle to get up in the morning but these days I often wake up right when my first alarm rings or even a little before. That's an achievement on many levels and realistically this is probably a big factor in my improved sleeping habits and possibly my overall disposition.

So yeah, I'm definitely feeling better these days. Keto is still a lot of work but it helps me stay on track when I focus on all the good effects this diet appears to be having on me. A lot of this is anecdotal, but I do have some quantitative data so that all helps, right?

One step at a time.