0281A: Streaming Overload

We're living in an age of streaming services and it feels like every day potentially brings along a new one. Today's news included the official end to the last of the Marvel shows on Netflix, a movie long anticipated given the plans for Disney+, a new streaming service that should have access to most of the combined Disney-Pixar-Marvel-Star Wars library should they manage to wrangle all the different licensing rights across different markets.

At the present we are primarily reliant on Netflix with a good amount of free months left on our iflix subscription for good measure. I ended our DisneyLife trial (or at least I hope I did), because really it was a baby Disney+ with a very limited library. At this time didn't feel worth the investment, but we'll see how things go. There's a very big chance that we may be stuck with DisneyLife as the only Disney streaming option in the region.

I've been trying to delay signing up for Prime Video, the outside of the US version of the Amazon Prime Video service. I almost signed up when American Gods first came out, but the limited nature of the trial and the fact that the show was released on a weekly basis instead of all at once. But now with so many more genre shows of interest coming to the platform including Good Omens and the new season of The Expanse, Amazon is a lot harder to ignore now.

When will it all end though? I hear there are some intriguing shows on Hulu, which isn't available in the region but still. I've never seen value in Globe-supported Hooq, so that's a minor consolation. HBO Go would be nice, if only to get easier access to shows like Game of Thrones. But do we really need for every premium/pay TV/cable channel to have its own streaming service? Is this the solution for advancing entertainment for the next generation? It's all so strange.

But I'm still probably going to sign up for Amazon.