02818: Happy Weekend Thoughts

It has been a pretty great weekend. We had a fun Changeling: The Dreaming RPG session on Friday night. Spent some quality time with my mom on Saturday. Played some fun board games with friends we haven't gamed with in a long time. Had a killer fun time at O Bar during their Valentine's Day event. And today Tobie and I had a quaint Sunday with a lackluster musical and some good food before and after the show. The only thing that would make things perfect would be a massage or something but our regulars don't appear to be available tonight.

As much as I don't necessarily see me and Tobie as being all that sociable, we admittedly have a lot of structured interaction opportunities. All of our tabletop gaming nights are social activities with friends we enjoy spending time with (because you should never game with people you don't like more than once). Our O Bar nights involve a specific circle of friends who also patronize the bar on their own and are just happy to see us or join us directly at our table and really spend time with us while we're out. The list goes on and on.

But this weekend nicely balanced the different aspects of our shared life. We had geeky gaming time. We had crazy queer fun at O Bar. And we had some alone time as a couple doing typical couple things like watching plays and eating out and a lot of window shopping.

I hope you all had a great weekend as well. What's great for you may be totally different than what's great for us but that doesn't matter. Awesome can mean just getting more sleep or finishing that TV series you've been binging on Netflix. Whatever makes you happy - hope you got a lot of it this weekend.