02817: Continuing Keto Eating Out Challenges

Lately Sundays are spent with Mom and the biggest question we have to juggle every time we head out is where we're going to eat lunch. Mom is always concerned that I have something to eat since I'm keto but that significantly narrows our dining options.

Today we ended up at Italianni's and I got the signature Italianni's Chicken with a quick request to substitute the potatoes with more veggies. The result was a rain of more bell pepper and onions but it all sort of worked out. The only red flag for me in terms of keto was the white wine sauce that probably had more carbs than I'd like, but at least I had something decent to eat. And it was a great roast chicken.

That's the usual direction when I eat out - look for something roasted or grilled, avoid food that's obviously marinated or with obviously sweet sauces like barbecues and not to be afraid to ask the staff if I can make substitutions for whatever obvious carbs are there. Otherwise I end up needing to offer my rice to whoever else I'm eating with. I prioritize places that let me substitute so we don't contribute to food waste or whatever by getting carbs I won't eat. The other option is to find a good steak dish but most of the time I'm uncertain of the sauces or gravies they've planned for the meat and so I just skip.

The easiest options remain to be places where I have more control over ingredients - thus we have choice deals like Salad Stop! and Poke/Poke that are among our regular haunts. Beyond that it's a matter of finding the one dish in a restaurant that I can safely eat to make me happy like either the fried chicken or crispy pata at Max's or the one non-marinated meat option at Sariwon together with the kimchi-based sides.

Eating out is not a requirement but it's still nice to be able to celebrate here and there. I'm still from the camp that feels that eating out at a good restaurant is a special occasion regardless if it's a holiday or not and I still want to be able to share that experience with Tobie and those I love on a regular basis.