02815: A Valentine's Day Dinner

Still being on keto means that I have limited options while eating out but of course for special days like Valentine's Day it feels only proper to eat out. But one does not simply walk into a restaurant on one of the busiest holidays for restaurants - I called ahead for reservations of course. And for a special treat that wouldn't break the bank while still working with my diet, Sariwon Korean Barbeque seemed like our best bet. Special thanks to my ARC concierge for doing the legwork for me.

We arrived early for our 08:00pm reservation but a table was already waiting for us so they allowed us to be seated immediately. There was a brief reminder that given the business of the night tables could only be held/utilized for 90 minutes, which was more than enough time for us. We already knew what we were going to order so we settled that pretty quickly and were eating sooner than most, I expect.

Dinner was awesome despite the crowds and the overall smokiness of the restaurant given the volume of food being cooked in the dining area. Our soup was a little delayed but on the whole it was still a great meal. Then we burned some of that dinner off by walking around High Street, primarily to check out the board games at Hobbes & Landes and of course Fully Booked. No purchases were necessary - just some leisurely window shopping while dodging people holding flowers.

It may not seem all that special but that doesn't mean it wasn't a good evening. Every day with Tobie is a special one for us, even if we're just watching TV together. I hope everyone feels the love today and every day beyond.