02811: Cyberpunking

Last night we got to try out Headspace, an RPG system Powered by the Apocalypse that is something like a cyberpunk-flavored take on Sense8, if that makes sense. And so our different actions were linked to one another as player characters as we tried to complete our respective missions while balancing out the complexities of a shared emotional connection. It was a pretty crazy game but one with some rather clever nuances to it that make me want to try a longer-term game experience sometime to really see how things play out. But as a one-shot, it was certainly a memorable experience.

Tobie's annual effort to try out 12 new RPG systems often leads to me coming along for the ride and getting to experience these different games as a player, for which I am grateful. It's definitely one of the bigger perks of being in a relationship with a man as passionate about RPGs as Tobie is and thus our life together continues to be very, very geeky indeed.

Today we're back to one of our longer-term game, this being our ongoing Pendragon campaign. My character is one of the oldest in the game and my priorities has shifted to a more political game rather than one of direct conflict as a roving knight. I'm not sure how much longer my character will survive as all other player characters of my generation haven't been all that lucky in terms of surviving the many dangers of the Age of Anarchy.