0280F: A Comic Series Far, Far Away

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I continue to enjoy the ongoing Marvel Star Wars comics as they are doing a pretty great job of filling in the blanks in the new canon. Then you get gems like the scene above where post-A New Hope Leia works alongside General Draven from Rogue One and the good General gets a final blaze of glory moment to make up for his mistakes in the prequel movie. It's these little touches that really help elevate the new canon and make you better appreciate the interconnected narrative universe that ties the movies, TV shows, novels and comic books.

The more recent story arcs in particular have been a gold mine, which have even included post Star Wars Rebels Hera Syndulla as a General in the new Rebellion fleet serving with the likes of Star Wars legends like General Dodonna. Total squee moments even if she only really got like a page in an issue. But these little nods are sometimes more than enough to keep fans like me pretty happy.

Good reading.