0280D: Rise of the Machines

As I still had the day off thanks to the Chinese New Year holiday in Singapore, I figured I'd invest in some solo game time sans playing Diablo III without Tobie around. Stellaris seemed like a good option as it's easy to lose hours of my life in this game and I had acquired a number of expansions since the last time I had played the game.

My last sessions involved the Star Trek: New Horizon mod for the game as this allowed me to play as the Borg. However the latest update appeared to be incompatible with the Star Trek mod so I decided to go back to vanilla Stellaris and try playing one of the preset machine empires for the first time. I ended up with the one more about assimilating other races despite my natural tendency not to play all that aggressively and thus far I've yet to try conquering any of my neighbors. It's tricky figuring out how to play these robot races as they're constructed instead of grown and that sort of curbs your normal population growth rate. I'm still having trouble juggling my resources but on the whole it was a fun day.

But I'm still more looking forward to playing Diablo with Tobie again.