0280A: Home Cooking

The quirk of me being on keto is needing to eat things that are different from what Tobie eats. In the past I'd take a lot of pleasure in cooking meals for both of us but nowadays things are a bit more separate. Plus Tobie's current office makes bringing lunches a little less than ideal so it really became more practical for me to focus more on my own diet.

For a late brunch I finally cooked a pasta dish for both of us sort of like I used to. Naturally noodles are a keto nightmare but thankfully we had found a nearby supplier of zero carb shirataki noodles so I was able to prepare a single sauce and then prep two different noodles to match our respective needs. The shirataki noodles have a very distinct watery taste to them and sort of resist blending with the flavors of any sauce, in my experience, but at the very least it gives you that nice pasta experience.

This was a fun experiment since each pack is really just about a single serving but it goes a long way. I don't think I'll need to have pasta every day but it's definitely something nice to have here and there. Plus it means that Tobie and I can have a similar meal, albeit provided I cook the sauce separately. It's a bit more work to prepare different batches of noodles, but for now I'm still trying to finish up the old noodle supplies from before my keto life and so it was needed to do two mixes. In the future I could try for a single pasta dish just using shirataki noodles and go from there.