02786: Space Minecrafting

As is the way of things, The Grandes (as I will always think about my uncle and my cousins + growing extended family) got me into another game today, this being No Man's Sky. I had initially avoided the game since it really wasn't a full experience when it came out but it's clear a lot of love has been put into the game since then to really round things out.

The game is largely still single-player in feel as each player as their own chain of missions to complete. But there's still value in playing with friends and family as you can help each other gather needed resources or you can come up with creative bases together. It's an odd experience and perhaps the closest I'll get to really liking a craft-centric game but the science fiction exploration feel does appeal to me and it helps keep things going.

I just don't know when I'll have time to play when work resumes next year. Free time is precious and this game is quite the time suck in order to really achieve results. But hey we'll see how things pan out. At least it's a fun distraction for this holiday period.