02783: Christmas Love

Christmas was a blast.

The proper celebrations for us began when Tobie and I went to our respective families to spend some quality time with them. We had our respective noche buena celebrations and exchanged presents and generally had a good time. I joined my folks in watching this Korean drama not Netflix for a few more hours and then Tobie picked up after midnight so we'd head over to O Bar.

Our other Christmas tradition (when possible) is heading over to O Bar for its special opening schedule after midnight. This year we decided to do a bit more for the fabulous performers who make every O Bar night special by doing some last minute Christmas shopping so that we could give all the O Divas little gifts. We found a few more items for other members of the team who really make a difference for us and of course special tokens for the owners who have been so generous to us over the years. It was a great night with some fun "unexpectable" revelations that just reinforced that Tobie and I are in a better place, socially speaking.

And then we got home to do a rushed exchanging of presents of our own as Tobie and I had waited to open our respective Christmas presents to one another. We filmed the fun experience as a Facebook Live video and it was really awesome to capture his reactions, albeit with the benefit of a little alcohol in both of us. I had given Tobie a set of masks ranging from strange animal heads to a lovely Japanese mask. He had found some great new board games to add to our collection including the much-celebrated Concordia. It felt like a Shut Up and Sit Down Christmas.

I hope you all had a great holiday celebration with those you love. We may not always be together but there are so many ways to stay connected to those we love and make sure they remember that we love them and that they continue to matter in our lives.