02780: Keto Motivation

The good news of my repeat blood test certainly has me all the more motivated to stay on keto in order to drive more weight loss. Admittedly it's a diet that has been relatively easy to follow as long as the bulk of my food is prepared at home. The key to keto is control over what you eat so that you know exactly what goes into your meals. It's the best way to stay on track. Hence I ordered up our usual mix of vegetables as part of our grocery order so I continue to up my roughage. And I'm pretty sure I'll be able to survive the holiday season while sticking to my diet.

A friend of ours has put up a little business called Ketomazing that comes up with keto-friendly food products. While I appreciate her desserts, what really has me excited for now is her keto-friendly pizza variants, which have all proven to be pretty yummy. In anticipation of being home for the holidays I actually loaded up on pizzas to I have more food options.

I'm still a happy little human Tamagochi and I think it's time to up my daily step goal to 10,000 from the current 9,000 goal. My walking to and from work covers a good amount of this so weekends remain a challenge. However I think I'm getting a hang of working on my steps even while just at home for the day. This typically involves me pacing back and forth whole doing other activities like cooking, watching TV or even playing board games. Friends just have to get used to the odd sight gof me walking back and forth like a computer character glitching while mid-animation.

There's a lot to be hopeful about right now. Things aren't 100% perfect but I'd like to think we're moving in a positive direction.