0277F: Christmas Holidays Ahead

Today was our last work day for the year. When you run your own digital marketing consultancy, one of the little indulgences that we get to enjoy is having a bit of a break from work between Christmas and New Year. It means a bit more time for the team to spend time with their families even though it translates to the limited members of our management group needing to juggle the client stuff during the off period. But it's a small price to pay.

There has been a lot going on this month and the coming holidays may still be busy. I have to study for my Facebook recertification and then of course there's the joy of family time along with other items for consideration. We're all a little preoccupied this year, but at least things are moving in a positive direction.

I'm pretty sure we all have the same idea in terms of the best Christmas gift for this year. Let's see how things go.