0277D: Mid-Week Progression

Today we had our company Christmas party. And given how we straddle two countries, we once again worked out to have a virtual joint party through teleconferencing and funny game planning. That, and a big Bing(o) contest to raffle off big cash prizes. It was simply but crazy fun and on the whole a nice night. And fun time with the work folks is always a good thing.

The week continues to go pretty well and it feels like things are really coming to a head now. With each passing day other possibilities are cancelled out and we continue to cut things down to fewer but closer realities. Things should ultimately go well - but it's still a bit of a journey to get to that point. And that's the real challenge for now.

We continue to take things one at a time. Just have to trust in the process for now. Everything happens for a reason, as so many people like to say. And believing in a greater order to things can provide some solace.