02774: Learned Skills

Whether it's because of being out and proud in the queer community for years now or just a part of growing older, I realize that I've become more of a hugger. It's not a bad thing or anything like that - but it does reflect a significant change for me.

In my younger years I had initially gravitated to the Vulcans of Star Trek as a model for behavior for one reason or another. Embracing a life of controlled emotions and adherence to logic felt like a winning strategy of sorts for dealing with the often confusing world of social interaction. Logic feels more consistent and something that could be used as a firm basis for decisions.

I can't quite trace how that socially awkward kid grew up to be the sort of guy who regularly hugs and besos people during game nights or when we're out at O Bar. To be fair, it's not like I hug everyone, but once people reach a certain degree of friendship and trust then hugs become pretty automatic.

Intimacy can be a tricky thing and I'll admit that I've learned to be a lot more comfortable with that, especially after Tobie entered my life. I still could be more expressive of how I feel at times or things of that nature. But this blog post is all about taking a moment to note that I've come a long way. We all change into different people given enough time, I suppose. And yet we still remain the same.