02773: Weekend Step Frustrations

It's not easy to hit your step goals during the weekend, especially when you mostly stay at home. During the work week I get a lot of walking done since I walk to and from work and those steps really add up such that I'm tempted to increase my step goal from 9,000 steps to 10,000 steps.

However a lot of our weekends involve mostly staying at home playing tabletop games of different types and that leaves me needing to get creative in order to hit my step goals. Add in the fact that we inevitably wake up late during weekends because of late night gaming and my window for walking gets even narrower.

Today I've mostly been walking back and forth while watching TV or reading a book, which isn't as difficult as you'd think. But the back and forth pacing does not push my step count as effectively as actually walking outside would and maybe I need to map out actual excursions next time.

But for now I'll see if I can manage things decently enough with my in-Sietch pacing. I've been consistently hitting my step goals this week and I don't want to break my streak just yet. But it's going to be close since I haven't even hit the halfway mark at this point and we're running out of daylight.