02770: Follicle Invaders

Salt and Pepper by Theo Crazzolara
Despite my weight-loss efforts, I have never been really all that big on caring about my appearance apart from wanting to get rid of pimples and blackheads and maybe wearing colors that generally went well together.

One thing that has increasingly begun to nag at me is the steady increase of white hairs on my head. Before I'd spot one or two, particularly during stressful periods. And I'd be able to pluck the one or two hairs and not think about it for months.

Now whenever my hair starts getting a little long I start to see a few white strands standing out here and there. I tried plucking them initially because I'm that sort of a weirdo but I concede that this is a war that I can't win and now I just let them grow out for the most part. Plus I'm pretty sure that even more of them manage to grow at the very back of my head, well out of range of my tweezers.

I know I'm not old, but I'm definitely growing older. And this is one silly little reminder of that. And I'm really not that obsessed over it since I've known school mates who had white hair as early as high school so it comes for us at different times for different reasons. But whenever I'm in an elevator where the light seems to be perfect for spotting these aberrations on my head, I am reminded that time marches forward.

But really I'm also reminded that I probably need a haircut. Then the white hairs become a lot harder to spot.