0276B: New Cooking Challenges

I finally got to try out the food processor that I ordered during the Lazada 11/11 sale and it's...really loud. Like jet engine loud at times so I alternate stronger pulses with weaker ones. I tried my hand at making a broccoli rice and the result was pretty good. I mixed in some leftovers to make it sort of a chao fan fried rice deal but I think I can try not seasoning it the next time I make a batch.

That's the new goal, really. Trying to experiment with cooking meals without salt in order to help find new recipes to share with my family. Changing dietary requirements due to health complications are driving this need more urgently as of late and I hope to find alternatives that work. It's quite the challenge since it seems almost everything out there has hidden salt of some sort and thus you need to rely more on whole foods and things of that nature. So I guess my keto efforts have helped since they already have me with a food in the door, so to speak. Now I just need to impose additional requirements to cover more checkboxes.

It's quite the worthwhile endeavor and I hope I find new options that work out. My initial experiments have been very mixed but I think I'll figure it out soon enough.