02764: Could Be Better

There's only so much you can do in this world and understanding those limitations and accepting the reality of things in order to come up with solutions that make sense. You have to work within the constraints of what one has to work with and make up for the rest with savvy and perhaps sheer gumption. You do what you can and you make sure to do your best (and in many cases better than your best even).

When confronted with problematic situations human responses are generally classified as either fight or flight responses. Either approach can be appropriate and deemed "right" for this or that situation but admittedly I have found that fighting can often be the more personally fulfilling approach to things. And it's not even literal fighting but a lot of times it can just mean standing your ground and refusing to give way to whatever life throws at you. Fight responses can more often than not feel like you're at least contributing to an effort to move forward - you feel more part of whatever solution there may be.

At times in order to do my best I sometimes feel like I'm not myself - or somehow outside myself in order to let the rest of me perform better without distractions. I only have so many words to really describe this approach but at the end of the day whatever it is helps me do what needs to be done.

But as always, I also end up feeling like I could do better. One can always do better. There's always room to be better. We should also want to be better than our best selves, right?