02759: All Tuckered Out

Today was quite the busy day. We had a workshop with the client that lasted most of the day and we all feel pretty beat. It was a lot of talking in breakout session after breakout session with minimal breaks. At the very least it felt like a production session - we'll only really know once the brainstorming ideas get refined into actual plans for the coming year.

After work I wasn't really expecting anything else to happen given all this, which isn't necessarily bad since it means more time with the nephew. But one thing led to another and a need to swing by Takashimaya came along and that also meant an incidental trip to Books Kinokuniya, which is always a good thing. I didn't get too many titles this time since I had been in town just about a month ago but I'm still pretty excited with what we have.

And then the LEGO store happened. I honestly just wanted to window shop but the generosity of the Chins resulted in me getting the new LEGO Voltron set. Gaaaah GO VOLTRON FORCE!

Suddenly I'm thankful that I brought the big luggage for this trip despite barely having 10kg coming in. The big guy takes up an entire half of the bag since I haven't taken it out of the box just yet. Fun times.