02758: Singapore Week

Back in Singapore again this week for a few client meetings and of course some time with the adorable nephew. Getting here was a bit more troublesome than normal because of the same combination of NAIA Terminal 3 inefficiency and heightened security for the ASEAN summit in Singapore this week. We actually had to undergo additional security checks immediately upon landing even before getting to the Immigration queue. But this was all done with typical Singapore efficiency so in the long term it was still a lot easier to get through than typical stuff at Manila airports.

The rest of the week promises to be quite busy and I'm not sure how much leisure time I'll be able to cram into the limited time available. I do hope to make time to meet up with friends but the overall timing of things is a little too close for comfort so things may not pan out given tight schedules and random bouts of rain.

But I know the week will be over before I know it so we'll just have to make the most of every day. I have an early start tomorrow for a full-day client workshop and I need to catch up on lost sleep from this morning's travel.