02752: Sad Post Offices

Taguig Post Office Circa 2016
Today I made the trek to the Taguig Post Office to claim some packages because that's how our postal service is life. I always dread going to local post offices since they're always very sad government offices that make a game out of customs dues for packages.

My working theory is that the nicer the post office, the higher the customs duties. The most decent central post office I've ever been to is definitely the Makati CPO and that's still not saying much. But at the same time they're also the post office that would charge me more than the value of my delivered items based on their determination of the value of stuff.

The Quezon City CPO that covered Cubao was pretty dilapidated as well but at least they only went as far as opening my packages but not necessarily charging customs duties most of the time. This Taguig CPO was generous to the point of not even bothering to open the packages - then again the true ordeal was getting there and figuring out that parcel claims are actually inside their office area since they don't have enough service windows for that sort of thing.

I had taken a Grab to the Taguig CPO but getting back was a bit of a struggle. I realize I should have taken the time to study the jeepney routes before leaving since there were no available Grab cars or taxis in the area. Not that the jeeps were all that much better - most of them seemed pretty full and it's been years since I've ridden one, so I didn't bother. I ended up walking back the way I came until I got back to a busier intersection that was sufficient to help me snag a Grab on the way back.

I really don't like dealing with our postal service. This is why it seems better to direct deliveries to other countries entirely versus sending them here because of all these shenanigans.