0274F: O Bar Fulfillment

Last night was CRAZY fun.

A somewhat impromptu O Bar Night ended up being a really fun time largely because of the surprise appearance of other unexpected friends. And that's a lot of what makes our O Bar nights fun - the people we end up sharing company with. While we do occasionally try to map out distinct plans for certain people join us but for practical reasons we don't really expect people to show up.

Not that we're entirely dependent on other people to make O Bar nights fun. We're perfectly happy to just enjoy the drag shows on our own - sharing the experience with others is always a happy bonus. And man last night's crew made for a lot of laughs, a touch of shade and good fun to be had all around.

We were actually expecting not to deal with as many people assuming many might have made out of town plans for the long weekend. But I guess that was not quite the case.

To cap it all off we also had some great music that celebrated the old and the new at the same time. Gotta love it when the DJ spins the sort of music that resonates with you.