0274B: Two Months of Keto

So this marks my ninth week on the ketogenic diet and I'm on the brink of losing 20 pounds. I'm the lightest I've been in over 6 years and I don't necessarily feel miserable about what I eat. I've gotten better and figuring out my meals and we've even found a few places where we can eat out and not be solely limited to home cooked stuff, which helps one feel normal given the circumstances.

I still have a long way to go. It'll be about another 20 pounds before I get below 200, which feels like a good interim goal. It would be crazy just aim for a normal BMI since that means getting back to the neighborhood of 130 pounds, which just boggles the mind. I haven't been that light since high school. So for now I'll stick with realistic goals and maybe a little reward here and there. I definitely want a bowl or ramen or pho should I cross 200 pounds. Then I'll consider how far to aim for next.

But hey, this all seems to be working out well enough. It still feels counterintuitive to be eating more fat in order to lose weight, in a manner of speaking, but let's see how things continue on. In another month it'll be enough time to consider a repeat blood test to see how things have affected me inside. It's all part of making sure this is all still viable in the long term and not just something to do for limited periods of time. Can't be too careful, yeah?