02748: #ESGS2018 Day Two

So today I joined Tobie at the ESGS 2018 Indie Fiesta that features a wide variety of indie game designers. Similar to last year's indie event within the larger gaming convention, it's a mixed media showcase that includes mobile games, desktop games and tabletop games all by independent designers. It's a quirky little community and many personalities are now familiar given participation in past indie gaming events.

As always the event as a whole is crazy loud and the high noise levels caused various emcees, barkers, game commentators, and salespeople can get quite draining. And I'm lucky I'm mainly support staff - the bulk of the work goes to Tobie as he entertains visitors to the table and repeatedly explains how his games work and the sort of experiences he tries to cultivate with these different systems and stories. And having decent conversation over the din of the event hall as a whole can be quite a drain on anyone.

So my focus for the day has largely been on keeping him hydrated and reminding him to eat whenever the chance would arise. And that's not saying much given the many curious gamers who dropped by his table today to ask about his stuff.

But the day isn't over yet as we still have the O Bar Halloween celebration later tonight. For now we're back at the Sietch catching a bit of a break before heading out again. Hope we survive the night and still manage to wake up for the last day of this year's ESGS tomorrow!