02746: We Are The Borg

So the team behind the Star Trek: New Horizons mod for Stellaris have put a lot of work into putting the one of my favorite franchises into the world of the game. And their modifications also include making the Borg a playable race.

I've been skimming through the Borg game as of late with the settings toned down and they're quite the formidable race indeed. They start off with a fair amount of technological superiority and are quick to keep ahead of other races. Their main constraint is their inability to colonize worlds on their own - they rely on conquering other planets into order to develop colonies for their empire.

It's an odd amount of fun and I've already conquered those time-traveling Krenim and the Kazon to name a few. I'm gearing up to wipe out the Talaxians but the real battle will be dealing with the Hirogen, who seem pretty entrenched in their colony worlds.

Fun little distractions.