02743: Surprise Monday Productivity

The coming weekend is going to be pretty busy, but not for our usual gaming reasons. The big monster is Tobie's participation in the Indie Fiesta at this year's ESGS. As much as the event is primarily focused on electronic gaming, they've also organized an indie showcase that includes local tabletop game designers. This is the second year that Tobie will be joining the event to showcase his original RPG ideas.

That also means that Tobie will be preoccupied from Friday to Sunday with the event and I'll only be able to join him for the Saturday and Sunday event days. Friday night we have board game night scheduled with a friend of ours but we'll have to cut that shorter than we'd normally like to given the event. Then Saturday night we still have the annual O Bar Halloween Pride Party, which is not just another club night but also a costume event. Last year we went minimalist with green plumbobs ala The Sims but this year we wanted to do a bit more.

Given all that and the preparations needed for Tobie's Indie Fiesta booth/table display, there's a lot that needs to get done. And so today I bombarded Tobie with easier costume ideas from around the web to help speed up the thinking process as we had yet to figure out a costume for Saturday. Thankfully this helped Tobie come up with a fun idea for us to try and it was just a question of finding the elements needed to bring the costume together.

We made plans to visit SM after work with the optional agenda item of getting haircuts. In the end we multi-tasked and registered for the haircut queue then Tobie started scouting for materials while I was able to get my pedicure started. By the time the girl had finished with my left foot Tobie was already back with our costume materials in tow and one less item on our agenda for the week. Then we got our haircuts done and we had enough time for a happy little Poke Poke dinner before heading back home.

I love it when things come together like that. It's such near-magical moments that really make me feel that the universe moves to support us in odd little ways.

Onwards to the weekend madness!