02742: Hitting the Breaks

We definitely hit this weekend hard with so many games scheduled immediately upon my return from Singapore. We had the 7th Sea RPG game on Friday night that kept us up late. Then we had to wake up for board games with the FGTC starting Saturday afternoon and again lasting until sunrise. Then today was supposed to be our Pendragon RPG session to cap things off.

When we had arrived home this morning I had not anticipated how the day would go. I already expected to sleep right up until we expected guests to arrive in the afternoon. But I did wake up right before noon and that meant being able to catch today's Pokemon Go Community Day event. So I left Tobie to rest somehow and wandered around BGC for a few hours as I did my best to find some nice shiny Pokemon to supplement my collection and to get a lot of egg walking down.

But by the time I got home it was to the mixed welcome of some great food that Tobie had prepared for brunch but also to the news that the game had been cancelled since some of the players weren't feeling well. It was a bit of a bummer that the game didn't push through but admittedly we both needed to catch up on rest after all the craziness of the past few days.

Thus the day was spent watching Netflix, me playing Stellaris and Tobie napping some more. Even our dinner was a lazy concoction of various leftovers given new life.

But hey good weekends are like this, right? All to better prepare us for the new week ahead.