0273F: Status Quo Update

Where does a day go? 24 hours is a long  amount of time. Even 16 waking hours is a chunk of time as well. And yet time can be quite the slippery fish and it does get away from you faster than you expect it to. But such is life.

I had a specific plan for today that involved juggling some things at work, packing all my stuff for the trip home, and then some family time with the nephew before we get the whole show moving.

But instead I woke up late, barely got some work done while packing but at least still invested a bit more time gushing over the the adorable new member of our family. I guess that makes it all worth it, right? Some things are more important than others after all.

It's Friday tomorrow. I have to get enough sleep for work tomorrow. I really am an uncle now. And I'm home.