0273D: Keto Adjustments

This morning mom prepped me a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs and turkey ham. It may not seem like much but you don't exactly get huge portions of stuff while on keto and your plate will never seem quite as full without a healthy helping of rice there as well. But I'm largely used to it by now, so that's a good thing.

On a related note, I was amused over the game night planning discussion in one of our group chats where the discussion shifted to food choices. A few of us in the group have different dietary concerns and so there's a lot of back and forth while we figure out food options. I always state that there's no need to accomodate for me as I know keto needs are in the minority for something as casual as a game night but I do appreciate the effort people make to help ensure that there's at least something that I can eat between game sessions. Otherwise I'll probably end up lugging a block of cheese with me just to have something to nibble on.

You make do where you can. But at least the in-laws also casually mentioned that it looks like I lost weight. I hope that means my progress continues!